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When it comes to fire systems, choosing technology that offers the highest levels of protection is paramount. However, in many settings, aesthetics are critical too. TouchControl, the touchscreen remote control terminal and repeater from Advanced ensures your fire system doesn’t have to compromise on safety or style. Regional Sales Manager at Advanced, Vladimir Zrnic, explains…

Vladimir Zrnic is Sales Manager for Europe at Advanced

Why choose a touchscreen remote control terminal?

Sleek and versatile, TouchControl has a low-profile, high-resolution 10-inch touchscreen that lets you check the status of your fire system using interactive site maps and zone plans.

Providing full zone-level information and control across your fire network, TouchControl has been created so that firefighters can even navigate the menus whilst wearing gloves.

Ideal for use in public areas, thanks to its discreet, low-profile design, the panel complements a wide range of interiors and has the added benefit of being able to display adverts, presentations or notices when in standby mode. The screen instantly reverts to fire operation as soon as you touch it, or a fire condition occurs.

The ability to locate powerful fire system technology within high-traffic areas without detracting from high-quality interior decor gives fire system specifiers and installers new scope to combine design appeal with fire safety for full protection of people and property.

TouchControl’s maps, offering a clear view of the fire system are particularly beneficial in large-scale sites, where the ability to drill down quickly, from full site view to individual building and to the affected zone, allows faster response times, whatever the issue.

Clearly touchscreen fire system technology can deliver powerful benefits to its users, can you tell us more about the specific features of your solution?

TouchControl has many practical benefits designed in. It is quick and easy to install, thanks to its two-part enclosure and it is also simple and easy to configure – you just give the panel a valid network address and it’s fully operational. Settings are intuitive to program and adjust and passcodes allow you to assign three different levels of user control for system security.

TouchControl’s interactive maps and zone plans make navigation and status control clear and straightforward. Depending on a user’s permissions, they can evacuate, mute, silence, resound and reset the system using the touchscreen. They can also view, enable and disable zones, devices and outputs as well as check event logs and run tests. Having access to all these functions in such a visual way provides reassurance that issues are instantly flagged and maximises response time.

Can you tell us where TouchControl has been installed?

TouchControl is used in high-profile sites across the world. However, one of the most sophisticated applications can be found at the Historical Archives of Belgrade. Here, a custom-engineered solution has been installed to deliver advanced monitoring and control for the highest degree of fire safety required in a building housing irreplaceable cultural assets. By interfacing TouchControl with Advanced’s ExGo extinguishing system, our installation partners, TVI d.o.o, have made full use of the panel’s interactive mapping to simplify monitoring and managements of the building’s gas suppression system.

TouchControl is compatible with all Advanced’s addressable fire systems.



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