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Here you’ll find all the latest information on product availability, updates relating to ordering and delivery as well as wider industry matters affecting our service to you.

MxPro 4 Phase-out

Update re MxPro 4 range - January 2023

We regularly review our product portfolio to ensure we continue to provide you with products that deliver optimal performance, quality, and ease of use.

We would like to advise you that from 1st January 2023 the MxPro 4 range of panels is no longer available for sale:

  • Alternative products, offering enhanced functionality, are available to you within the Go and MxPro 5 ranges.
  • We intend for all our panels to have cloud connectivity in future – the MxPro 4 does not support this capability.
  • A number of MxPro 4 components are becoming increasingly scarce as technologies move on.

However, to ensure full support for all installed MxPro 4 panels, we are committed to the ongoing supply of MxPro 4 spare parts for the foreseeable future. View the available products.

As ever, our sales, customer and technical support teams are on hand to offer advice and answer any questions. Please call: 0345 894 7000 or email

John Newton | Head of Products and Regulatory

Lifeline Paging Panel

Removal of Lifeline paging panel - October 2022

Due to obsoletion of a key component used in our Lifeline paging panel, the below products are unfortunately no longer available for sale and are removed from our price list.

PX-100 Lifeline 2W Control Panel
PXS-001 Spare PX-100 Lifeline Chassis Assembly (Inc. PSU)


A limited quantity of remaining components is available for spares and repairs, and for servicing any installed products still under warranty. This is a permanent removal from our product portfolio and once the available spare parts are consumed, we are no longer able to offer paging panels for sale.

Additionally, the below pagers will be phased out. There is limited stock remaining now. More stock can be made available with a 6- to 8-week lead time. However, once the Lifeline panel stock is finished the pagers will also be removed from sale.

LL-PG Vibrating Pager Unit
LL-PGR Vibrating Rechargeable Pager c/w USB Charger
LL-PG-01 Vibrating Pager Unit with Out of Range Enabled
LL-PGR-01 Vibrating Rechargeable (Out of Range) Pager c/w USB Charger
LL-PG-02 Engineering Pager
 LL-PGR-02 Engineering Vibrating Rechargeable Pager c/w USB Charger


Please contact your sales manager or our customer services team with any queries for support and ongoing sales needs.

Glenn Christie | Product Manager

LifeLine panel with pagers


Supply chain statement - 16 June 2021

The measures we’re taking to ensure we continue to meet your needs

We continue to work closely with our suppliers to ensure they are able to support our requirements despite the challenges presented by Brexit, the COVID pandemic and certain electronic component and steel supply shortages we have seen of late.

The measures we are taking include increasing stock holding, multi-sourcing, gaining better clarity over forecasting and working collaboratively to do everything we can to ensure your business is not impacted.

We continue to monitor and adapt our supplier relationships in order to mitigate any disruption to supply. Nevertheless, given the nature of the global challenges affecting the market, we cannot guarantee that there will be no impact on production, however, we do not foresee any immediate production issues arising in the coming months.

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