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The University of Bristol has upgraded its emergency lighting with a further 10 LuxIntelligent emergency lighting panels from Advanced. The new equipment was installed alongside 21 existing LuxIntelligent panels linked to around 4,500 light fittings, to ensure ongoing compliance with the BS 5266-1 code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises.

The LuxIntelligent panels were fitted across a range of university buildings, including seven halls of residences, using existing cabling. The ease with which LuxIntelligent can be used to replace outdated emergency lighting on existing sites allowed significant time and cost savings to be achieved.

In total, 31 LuxIntelligent emergency lighting panels from Advanced now protect numerous buildings across the University of Bristol, linked to a wide variety of LED luminaires from the LuxIntelligent range, to protect buildings with very different lighting requirements. They include downlighters, spotlights, exit signs and bulkhead lighting that complement equipment already installed in the historic Victoria Rooms and the Wills Hall halls of residence, as well as operating theatres and abattoirs in the veterinary college campus.

LuxIntelligent from Advanced is an addressable, automatic emergency lighting system, that shows all emergency lights are compliant and functioning, with no engineer involvement required. Each panel has up to four loops each, supporting 249 luminaires, and can be easily networked to work with existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum. The system also offers optional cloud monitoring and system management via mobile and web apps.








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