Axis AX Training

Learn how to install, configure and use Axis AX fire systems.

Two men looking at a laptop in the Advanced training room, undergoing training delivered by the Advanced tech support teamWe offer free training for direct customers to provide you with a good working knowledge of all aspects of our Axis AX equipment and software.

Training is available both online and in-person using our purpose-designed training centre to give you full product demos and/or hands-on use of each product.  We can also offer off-site training by arrangement.

Our training modules are built around workshops with a designated trainer and a maximum of 12 delegates. Small group sizes ensure all participants get the most from the training, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Training modules are built up of short units with an automated question and answer session at the end of each.

Upon successful completion of all units and a pass rate of 70% or higher, a certificate will be awarded, proving competency.

Training courses are available for the following modules:

Module 1
Axis AX Extensive Product Overview
Module 2
Installation & Maintenance
Module 3
Diagnostics & Panel Engineering
Module 4
Module 5
PC Configuration – Basic Level
Module 6
PC Configuration – Advanced Level
Module 7
PC-NET-005 Graphics Programming
Smart Watch and Smart Cube Configuration
Module 8
Axis AX Intelligent Devices
Module 18
Commander Module – Programming and Configuration

If you are a direct customer, simply click the link below to complete the form and book your place:

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Axis AX Training Brochure

Axis AX Training Brochure

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