AdvancedLive release notes

We’re always developing AdvancedLive based on user feedback. Here you’ll find past releases and a summary of current functionality.


Release Notes v11

December 2022

To give you more control of your fire system via AdvancedLive, you can now remotely mute and reset your panels, and silence and resound your sounders as the need arises.  Whenever your fire system goes into fire or fault condition, you’ll see these new control options display within the ‘panel view’ of AdvancedLive.

For added speed, ease of use and safety, the mute, reset, silence and resound options are presented in a smart way, so only appropriate actions are displayed. For example, if there are new faults on the fire system, the mute option will appear; if a fire is detected and the sounders have been silenced, the resound option will display.

We’ve also added help text so users can be certain they are taking the right actions to protect people and premises.

As ever, to ensure site safety, the responsible person chooses and sets the user permissions for this new functionality.
They can choose who’s able to:

  • Mute panels or silence and resound sounders
  • Reset the fire system


Advanced Live device panel on iphoneRelease Notes v10

November 2022

You can now see all fire panels on your system via AdvancedLive. This not only makes it clearer if there are issues to address, but
also gives you easy access to full panel history.

A fire incident timeline now has more information including:

              • who has been notified
              • if/how the incident was viewed
              • any actions taken during the incident e.g. muting panels, silencing sounders, etc.



Release Notes v9

October 2022

Image of iphone showing AdvancedLive with a device in isolation

  • As well as being able to remotely view your fire system to help with fire incidents, you can now use AdvancedLive to actively control and manage parts of the system too.
  • New time-saving functionality means you can quickly and easily set and end isolations on your chosen devices without needing to be at the panel.
  • Clear visual representation of enabled and isolated devices on the AdvancedLive dashboard provide clarity over actions taken and full awareness of system status – for complete peace of mind.
  • You can also access a comprehensive audit of users who set/ended isolations for full accountability.
  • As ever with AdvancedLive, it’s up to the responsible person to set the user permissions for this functionality, so you can be confident you’re in
    control of your system.
  • Following a fire incident, you can now see a full audit of actions taken, by whom, in the incident timeline and device history.
  • When you’re viewing device details, it’s now easier to understand status and location.


AdvancedLive Release Notes v11

AdvancedLive Release Notes v10

AdvancedLive Release Notes v9

AdvancedLive Release Notes v8

AdvancedLive Release Notes v7

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